Pastor Geoff Smith Preaches on Isaiah 56:1-8

We are turning the clock back. We have been in Matthew and the Kingdom of God. We are now going backward to Isaiah and Isaiah in The Kingdom of God to Isaiah 56. In my own notes, I have Isaiah 56:1 through 57:13 which is a long reading. Let us just read the first 8 verses this morning so that it will come to 56:1-8 but I am going to take some of that shorter passage and tack it on to next week's sermon once we see where we are going. So we will read Isaiah 56 verses 1 through 8...

Well it was Sunday morning July 1, 2018 in a small PCA Church in the Kansas suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri, a young 58 year pastor preached his second sermon on Isaiah 55. And then for some strange reason, he paused that series. The following week he turned to I Thessalonians 4:1-12 to begin a series on Sanctification As Family Formation. That sanctification in Paul is as much corporate, that is the Church as a whole, as it is personal. Now no one knew it on July 1, 2018--how could anyone know it?-- that that sermon would be the last sermon from Isaiah preached in that small PCA church in Kansas until today. And so the scripture is fulfilled in your hearing this morning. We are returning to Isaiah. I didn't mean to take such a long detour from Isaiah...

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