How To Make Tiffany (Bride Of Chucky / Child’s Play) - Horror Crafts

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Follow me along as I make Tiffany, the killer doll from Bride Of Chucky (1998) and the Child’s Play franchise! I’ve honestly been wanting to make Tiffany for a while now, it’s just that I’ve been focusing more on other aspects of my art, and getting to play with construction paper isn’t really at the top of the list of things I’m doing anymore. But you know what? IT’S HALLOWEEN! Making scary monsters out of construction paper is a Rickey Does It tradition! And I figure if I’m planning to take my channel in a new direction in 2021, focusing more on my original characters and stories … It’ll be nice to get some closure with a couple figures that I just HAVE to make. And Tiffany here is first in line!
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About Rickey: So I’ve always been an artist of some kind or another. As a kid I’d draw constantly and come up with endless stories. In my teen years I was all about making comics, building worlds maybe too big for me to handle, but I loved it. Then in my early 20s I wanted to be a film-maker, then an indie comic creator, then… I kinda got lost. Working a dead-end job fighting bouts of depression and anxiety, finding it really hard to pull the strength out of myself to do ANYTHING, let alone create. Well now I find myself 40, unemployed and just wanting to do SOMETHING with my life and my art. So for the past year I’ve come back to drawing. Reconnecting with that part of myself has been wonderful and there’s a LOT I have to learn. I was always a more “from the gut” creator than adhering to actual technique. I’ve also been working on a new comic/graphic novel that I want to be able to give my BEST attempt. So when I say “how to draw,” not only am I showing you how I draw something, but it’s also “how to draw?” as I myself learn and play with techniques and styles. So yeah, follow me along as I make art, whether it’s recreating pop-culture, horror, comics images or working on my own creations. Let’s see where we go!

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