All 7 Chucky Deaths (Child's Play 1988-Cult of Chucky 2017)

Chucky dies in all his movies . In Cult of Chucky 2017 there are 3 Chucky . Only one is dead here. The movie deaths are below-
1. Chucky killed by gun (Child's Play 1988)
2. Chucky explodes(Child's Play 2 1990)
3. Chucky fell into machine(Child's Play 3)
4. Chucky killed by gun shot(Bride of Chucky)
5. Chucky killed with axe by his son(Seed of Chucky 2004)
6. Chucky killed by Andy Barclay with gun shot(Curse of Chucky 2013)
7. Chucky [ 1 of 3]killed by Andy's leg kick(Cult of Chucky 2017)
However Chucky will never end that Brad Dourif or voice of Chucky says.

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